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I work for both production companies and ad agencies, and occasionally ghostwrite treatments for directors. I am based in New York, NY, USA, but spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, CA. 
This site samples some of my work as the production company producer, except a few cases where otherwise noted. My projects have had the lucky privilege of attracting attention at:
Cannes Lions/Young Director Awards • The AICP • Ciclope Fest • The Webbys • Shots Magazine • Shots Evolution Showcase •   Summit International Awards • Hermes Creative Awards • W3 Awards • and others
I love what I do and I care how project management, from creative development to budgeting to microsites to wrap books, affects the end product as well as the client/agency experience that wins the next bid.  
I focus on cultivating better exchange of information between production teams and their collaborators. I believe the 'spirit of collaboration' has power only when it is anchored in concrete and continual improvements in the ways that teams communicate.
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